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About us

We make sure that we provide the Best Recovery Service in Dubai

Perfect Car Recovery is a trusted name in Recovery Services in Dubai for providing best recovery services, boasting over fifteen years of dedicated expertise. Specializing in rescuing broken vehicles, stranded vehicles from desert terrain and vehicles stuck in basement parking. Our commitment to prompt, reliable, and professional service has earned us a reputation for excellence.

Our Services

We provide special services for car pull out and car towing.

Road Assistant Dubai

We have comprehensive road assistance services covering Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Whether you encounter a flat tire, engine trouble, or simply need a jump start, our expert team is here to provide swift and reliable assistance, ensuring you’re back on the road safely in no time without a hustle.

Towing Services

Experience peace of mind on the road with our professional towing services across Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. From breakdowns to accidents, our fleet of specialized vehicles and skilled operators are ready to provide efficient and safe towing solutions, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination securely.

Recovery Service

Experience reliable recovery services with trained operators, we prioritize safety and efficiency, ensuring your vehicle is handled with care and transported securely to its destination. Whether you’re stranded on a busy highway or in a residential area, trust us to deliver professional recovery service.

Flat Bed Recovery

Trust our flatbed recovery service for safe and secure transportation of your vehicle. Our specialized flatbed trucks ensure damage-free towing, providing peace of mind while your vehicle is being towed.

Bike Recovery Service

Count on our bike recovery service for swift and reliable assistance. Our trained team ensures safe handling and transportation of your motorcycle, ensuring you reach your destination with minimal disruption.

Sand / Desert Pull Out

Rely on our desert and sand pull-out service for efficient extractions in desert’s challenging terrains. With specialized equipment and expertise, we swiftly rescue vehicles stuck in sand dunes or desert environments.

Basement Pull Out

Facing a basement deadlock? Our expert team specializes in skillful basement pull-outs, rescuing vehicles trapped in tight spaces with precision and care.

Caravan / Food Truck Shifting

Need efficient and secure towing for your food truck? We specialize in safe transportation, ensuring your mobile business reaches its destination intact.

Battery Boosting

Experience quick and hassle-free battery boosting service / jump start. Our skilled team provides prompt jump starts, getting your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Why Choose Us

Explore our unparalleled expertise and reliable, swift solutions that set us apart in professionalism and service excellence

Selecting Perfect Car Vehicle Pullout means opting for a proven leader in the industry, backed by over fifteen years of unparalleled expertise. Our commitment to excellence ensures reliable, prompt solutions, backed by a skilled team dedicated to providing unparalleled service quality. Experience peace of mind with our professionalism, swift resolutions, and a track record of successfully resolving even the most challenging situations.


Car Recovery Service Dubai

In Dubai, our recovery services offer swift solutions for roadside breakdowns and accidents. With a dedicated team and specialized equipment, we ensure efficient and reliable assistance, providing peace of mind during unexpected emergencies on the road.


Car Towing Service

Getting stranded on the road can be a daunting experience, but with us, help is just a call away. Our reliable team is dedicated to swiftly assisting drivers facing roadside emergencies in Dubai. Using specialized tow trucks and recovery vehicles equipped with heavy chains and hooks, our recovery services ensure the safe and efficient retrieval of your vehicle from any road emergency situation. When choosing a towing company, it’s crucial to verify their insurance coverage. This not only protects you from potential accidents during towing but also ensures proper compensation in case of any unforeseen mishaps. Beyond towing, our services extend to comprehensive roadside assistance, including battery jump starts and tire change assistance. With round-the-clock availability, we’re committed to serving you whenever and wherever you need us most.


Roadside Assistance

We offer a lifeline to drivers facing unexpected car troubles on the road. Whether you encounter a flat tire, dead battery, or locked out of your vehicle, our dedicated team is just a phone call away, ready to provide swift and reliable assistance. Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, roadside assistance professionals ensure quick resolutions to common car issues, minimizing inconvenience and getting you back on the road safely. From jump-starting batteries to changing tires, our services are tailored to meet your needs anytime, anywhere in Dubai.


Vehicle Recovery

Perfect Vehicle Recovery Service in Dubai provide essential support for drivers facing more challenging situations on the road. Whether your vehicle is stuck in sand, mud, or a roadside ditch, our specialized team is equipped to handle diverse recovery scenarios with precision and efficiency. Using advanced equipment and techniques, we ensure safe extrication of your vehicle, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring a smooth continuation of your journey. With our prompt response and dedicated service, you can trust us to resolve even the most challenging recovery situations swiftly and reliably, providing peace of mind during unexpected emergencies on the road.



Best desert pull out service. My car was stuck in the desert and I called them, they came and pulled my car from sand very easily. Thanks!

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Marita T21

I am very satisfied with the service of this company. I needed them to transport my car on the platform to the garage and they were super quick to respond, professional, the price was very decent and everything went smooth, no headache. Totally recommend them. 👌😊

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My car was stuck very bad in the sand but these are very professional people the guy pulled my car very safely with good technique.

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Dario Wettin

Taking you out of your problems anywhere you need.

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